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Riyadh: Saudi Arabia’s 92nd National Day celebration programs are progressing in different parts of the country. Ahead of September 23 as the national day, military units in various provinces completed the exercises on the ground and in the skies of Saudi Arabia. In Jeddah, Al Khobar, Dammam, Jubail, Alhasa, Taif, Tabuk, Abaha, Sarat Abeedah, Khamis Mushait and Albaha, the land, naval and military units are performing brilliantly. Various programs as part of National Day celebrations will continue till 26th of this month.

Mizhivekam fireworks for celebrations

Accompanied by a musical ensemble, the practice performance held in Jeddah from 4.30 pm to one hour long brought new experiences to the ears, eyes and minds of the audience. In Jeddah and Jubail, the Navy’s bikes, helicopters and boats performed the exercises. Navy bicycle riders will perform at Dariya in Riyadh from 4pm to 5pm. Along with this, parades of various military units will also be staged as part of this. Notable among these are the Royal Guard’s parade and road show in Riyadh and Jeddah.

Military parades to add to the celebrations

The Ministry of Defense announced that air exercises will be held in 14 cities in different provinces in connection with the 92nd National Day of Saudi Arabia. In Al Khairwan district of Riyadh and north of Prince Turki bin Abdulaziz Al Awwal Road, there will be aerial demonstrations on the 22nd and 23rd at 4.30pm. Air exercise demonstrations will be held at Khamis Mushaithil Boulevard, Sarat Ubaidah and Tanmiya on 22nd and 23rd at 5.30 pm. Taif at King Fahd Airbase, Alhada, Alshafa, Alkhamseen Street and Alrudaf Park on the 22nd and 23rd at 5.30pm and on the same days in Albaha at 5.00pm at Prince Mohammed Bin Saud Park and 5.00pm at Baljurshi National Park in Abaha at 5.30pm Abaha Airport Park, Alfan Street, Al Alia City Aviation demonstrations will also be held at

The theme of the celebration is this is our house

This year’s National Day celebration is on the theme ‘This is our home’. The National Day celebrations that last for nine days are the biggest National Day celebrations in the history of the country. Last day, General Entertainment Authority Board of Directors Chairman Turki Al Sheikh started the celebrations. He informed that warplanes, helicopters, passenger planes, ships and boats will also be deployed in the military exercises. He also informed that the largest vyemabhaya demonstrations in the history of the country are being held as part of the National Day celebrations. The air show is called A Homeland Salute. 34 programs will be held in 14 regions as part of this.

Circus show at Riyadh University

A special circus show will also be staged at Princess Noora bint Abdul Rahman University in Riyadh from September 21 to 24 as part of the National Day celebrations. The exhibition will be titled The Wealth of a Homeland. This is the first time that Cirque du Soleil Circus has made its debut in Saudi Arabia with gravity-defying sports performances and entertainment. The performances will evoke the country’s rich history, culture and values. As well as its journey into the future, it will flourish in the circus.

Entertainment and music programs all over the country

This year’s National Day celebrations are not limited to Riyadh and Jeddah. Various entertainment and music programs will be staged in all 13 regions of the country as part of this. A variety of entertainment programs are organized in public parks, entertainment zones and beaches across the country. Prince Mohammed bin Abdulaziz Sports City in Madinah will witness the National Operetta, which depicts the history of Saudi Arabia beautifully with the help of technology. More than 200 artists including prominent artists Ibrahim Al Hakami and Naif Al Badhi will be lined up for the event to be held here on September 23. Exhibitions of folk arts have also been arranged as part of this. Then an exhibition on the history of Saudi will be prepared here. Musical programs will also be staged in the main centers of Riyadh, Abha, Al Qasim, Jeddah and Al Ahsa. Prominent artists and musicians from the Middle East and North Africa will participate in the event, including Mohammed Abdu, Abadi Al Jauhar, Rabih Saqr, Majid Al Muhantis, Ahlam, Angham, Ahmed Saad and others.

12 entertainment festivals will start today


As part of the National Day celebrations, the entertainment events held in 12 centers will begin today. These will last from September 21 to 24. Light and sound shows, drama programs, technology-assisted exhibitions, games etc. will be staged. Special musical programs using various musical instruments will also be held as part of this. These will be read to the tune of the National Anthem. Grassy Park in Riyadh, Prince Majid Park in Jeddah, King Abdullah Park in Dammam Waterfront, King Khalid Park in Buraidah, Al Nakheel Park in Al Jouf, Prince Fahd Bin Sultan Park in Tabuk, Sama Abha Park in Hail, Al Qayyim Park in Al Bahai, Aba Rashash Park in Najran, Arar An entertainment festival will complement the festivities at Al Rifa Park and Heritage Village in Jazan.

Aerobics demonstrations at 18 locations


The authorities have also prepared fireworks as part of the National Day celebrations in various parts of the country. Fireworks will be held in 18 places including Riyadh, Buraida, Alkobar, Madinah, Abaha, Albaha, Najran, Jizan, Hail, Arar, Sakaka, Tabuk, Jeddah, Taif, Alhasa, Unaisa, Hafar Albatin and Dammam at 9 pm. On 23rd National Day at 9 pm at the same time in all the 18 centres, a fireworks display will be organized. Up to a height of 300 meters, they are amazing in different colors. Officials informed that the fireworks display will give the people such amazing sights that they will leave memories of the National Day celebration forever.

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